Recent Security Class Actions

Dynagas LNG Partners LP Common Units (NYSE: DLNG)

Company Name:Dynagas LNG Partners LP Common Units
Stock Symbol:NYSE: DLNG
Class Period Start:12/21/2017
Class Period End (inclusive):03/21/2019
Filing Deadline:07/15/2019

According to the Complaint, Dynagas is a publicly traded company limited partnership that owns six tanker ships, designed for the transportation of liquified natural gas ("LNG"). These LNG tanker ships are operated by a Dynagas affiliate and are chartered to large energy companies including Statoil (now known as Equinor), Gazprom, and Yamal, typically for periods of eight to ten years.

The Complaint alleges that during the Class Period, the Defendants: (i) employed devices, schemes, and artifices to defraud; (ii) made untrue statements of material fact and/or omitted to state material facts necessary to make
the statements not misleading; and (iii) engaged in acts, practices, and a course of business which operated as a fraud and deceit upon the purchasers of the Company's securities in an effort to maintain artificially high market prices for Dynagas's securities in violation of Section 10(b) of the Exchange Act.