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Akazoo S.A. (NASDAQ: SONG)

Company Name:Akazoo S.A.
Stock Symbol:NASDAQ: SONG
Class Period Start:01/24/2019
Class Period End (inclusive):05/21/2020
Filing Deadline:06/23/2020

According to the Complaint, Akazoo S.A. purports to be a global on-demand music, audio streaming, media, and A.I. technology company with a focus on emerging markets and a presence in 25 countries.

The Complaint alleges Defendants throughout the Class Period made false and/or misleading statements and/or failed to disclose that: (1) Akazoo overstated its revenue, profits, and cash holdings; (2) Akazoo holds significantly lesser music distribution rights than it has stated and implied; (3) as opposed to Akazoo's continued statements, it does not operate in 25 countries; (4) Akazoo has a significantly smaller user base than it states; (5) Akazoo has closed its headquarters and other offices around the world; and (6) as a result, Defendants' public statements were materially false and/or misleading at all relevant times. According to the suit, these true details were disclosed by a market research firm.