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Oatly Group AB American Depositary Shares (NASDAQ: OTLY)

Company Name:Oatly Group AB American Depositary Shares
Stock Symbol:NASDAQ: OTLY
Class Period Start:05/20/2021
Class Period End (inclusive):11/15/2021
Filing Deadline:09/24/2021

The Complaint alleges that Oatly and the other Defendants made materially false and/or misleading statement to investors during the Class Period. Specifically, the Complaint alleges that Oatly: (a) overinflated its gross margins, revenue, and capital expenditure financial metrics; (b) overstated the proprietary nature of its formulas and manufacturing process; (c) exaggerated its success in China; and (d) as a result of the foregoing, Oatly’s statements about its operations, business, and prospects were misleading during the Class Period.